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I make use of the Clearasil as disinfecting cleaning soap to provide the Scholls scrub (which feels like an astringent by itself) slightly lubrication and dilution.

reply to comment → Steve Moore Might six, 2006 at nine:fifty six am Nicely, I’m again in CA following a 20 yr absence and now so is my poison oak. I’m fifty five and utilized to get PO so negative as a youngster I’d lay in mattress for days with my eyes absolutely swollen shut and my mom putting corn starch plaster on me (didn’t help at all). Cortizone photographs had been the only thing that aided. I bought it so again and again I grew to become hypersensitive and if I obtained a sunburn or Several other pores and skin discomfort it might develop into poison oak and spread about my complete body. Immunoak assisted me, I first obtained it from a buddy that labored PG&E then they started out offering it in excess of the counter. Extremely sorry it is actually not offered. A further thing that helped was ingesting milk from my goat that ate a continuing food plan of PO. Between the immunoak and goats milk I might only get little patches like a normal man or woman, rarely noticable to me with my historical past. I had acquired the goat for my first born in 1971 and Once i went to the dairy to buy the goat I saw that PO was very common at the internet site.

What I do know or do imagine I realize has labored for me before tend to be the barrier creams and carefully administered incredibly hot water. But, as now famous, the barrier creams should be new instead of years aged. They are greasy and never low cost. But use them to ALL parts of Your whole body prior to venturing into poison oak.

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It absolutely was challenging to pass up at $10.00/ 4 oz. I think you actually should go at it, and grind a really generous number of it in to the skin for a complete moment, then rinse thouroughly. Thoughts hand continue to looks pink, but I am 100% the pores and skin is definitely a lot less lifted and is also beginning to dry up.

valuable are prolonged-performing antihistamines including Benadryl or Allegra. My doctor prescribed 24-hour Allegra so I could sleep

The prednisone is the positive hearth way, though the side impacts are riskier than another techniques…and as I’ve eluded to, some Physicians are hesitant to prescribe this.

reply to comment → Debbie W. June 29, 2005 at five:40 pm Hello there to all my fellow poison “plant rash” sufferers. I've read all the comments and home cures and want to supply my information. As for myself, I've had four bouts of the bane from Hell, in no way definitely being aware of which plant was the offender, but I do know the way maddening the intense itching is often And the way horrid it can make you look & experience. A few of the property solutions I have read through Here i will discuss undoubtedly dangerous as your skin absorbs all People chemicals not intended for prolonged skin Call like bleach, ammonia, goo absent, and many others. and could cause you to rather sick now OR Sooner or later. Your liver will have to endeavor to detox these substances and I'd recommend not to work with ANY of these for your rash. I have found that FELS NAPTHA LAUNDRY Cleaning soap in bar type is SAFE and is excellent for taking away any type of plant sap or oil from your skin immediately after publicity and will be applied soon after any questionable contact. This has always labored for me assuming that I get it done Quickly following publicity. Last calendar year I was so exhausted after 7 straight hrs of hedge trimming, I just washed up with frequent “antibacterial” liquid hand cleaning soap and I paid the cost for my laziness–one whole thirty day period of powerful itching torture & unsightly oozing blisters. I did not sleep over two several hours an evening for three months from your itching. Hand towels soaked in ice water ended up the sole things which brought some short term reduction. In past times I have tried using calamine, calagel, benedryl, Iva-relaxation, cortisone, vinegar, tea bags, baking soda paste, aloe…none of those definitely labored nicely for itch aid. Trying to keep the world extremely chilly is most effective if possible. Yesterday I used to be out while in the lawn & After i arrived within I felt an itchy tingle on my wrist, and looked to notice that acquainted “pink line” that you recognize is the start of a rash from among the list of massive three-poison oak, ivy, or sumac, And that i realized I needed to react at once.

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So, just after using typical Technu for two days, all I'm able to say is the the rash will not be as RED….although the itching and burning is equally as lousy. Which fairly confuses me as I would've imagined that When the redness decreases, the itching, and burning would also.

Via implementing an exceedingly aged and apparently really ineffective bottle our website of Tec Labs barrier product and then trudging by means of numerous hundred ft of very thick poison oak (famous stupidity), I have an enormous case on all elements of my physique except my ft. But it’s just the third working day so the feet may perhaps appear to be The remainder soon.

My tips If you're highly allergic like me: if it’s truly lousy, go appropriate to your dr. receive the prednisone shot, but If you're able to spot it quickly, use a product that contains polyethylene beads and maintain the region as clear and dry as feasible.

reply to comment → ronniereyes May perhaps 22, 2008 at 8:17 am I just had my initially poison ivy or oak assault in my sixty one several years. I suppose I was not Formerly allergic or anything simply because I’ve certainly been uncovered. I was barehandedly unwrapping a dogweed tree of vines enveloping it final Tuesday. About 3/four of the best way as a result of I placed on gloves. Close to Thursday, rashes started to seem. By the weekend, I had been beside myself with Actual physical irritation. On Sunday, I termed my Dr. and received a prescription for a cortisone cream, after expending many dollars on several otc gels and creams which did Nearly very little. By Wednesday, I believed insanity may possibly takeover, so I named my Dr. (of thirty yrs) all over again and he gave me a prescription for prednisone. I took it, As well as in an hour I could sense it Functioning. Nonetheless, a few of the rashes I had have been even now alternatively intrusive.

None of the treatments have labored for me that perfectly, and I've employed them all. I went into Ceremony assist and bought each and every merchandise accessible.

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